The sea is more than just a beautiful view: it is an experience

Being in the water is a chance to really get back to basics, to tune in to the rhythm of the sea, move with the energy of the waves, and let everything else just float away.


Every time you slip into your Sundek swimsuit, like a second skin, an adventure awaits. Out at sea, the rules that define your life on land no longer apply. When you immerse yourself in a world of water, gravity seems to hold you up instead of pull you down.


Wherever you are, Sundek gives you a taste of freedom and life in the open air: it is a dive into the colourful surfing culture of California, where sun and sea have reigned supreme since 1958. It is a plunge into the atolls of the Pacific Ocean, where the original surfers first mastered the art of skimming over the waves.


So take a dip in the deep blue with the colours of the rainbow, enjoy total freedom of movement in a fitted cut designed to move fluidly through the water. And continue to bring those colours and sensations into your daily life, to live fully and boldly.

Every time you slip into your Sundek outfit, you definitively dive into a better way of life.